The Carter (2009)

Lil' Wayne - The Carter Documentary Film

Despite the controversy it triggered before its release, the documentary film titled The Carter has been given the green signal and will be hitting theaters soon. The documentary film condenses the life of an MC turned rock star, Lil Wayne into a documentary that is almost 75 minutes long. It is an intimate look into rapper’s life and provides some very interesting information about his troubled past and his subsequent rise to fame. The cameras follow and capture almost every single aspect of his life, from his addiction to cough syrups to his tattoos, family and relationships; it enlightens the audiences fully and would definitely keep Lil Wayne Fans happy. The documentary film covers Lil Wayne’s unusual penchant for cough syrups that had him worried and almost halted the distribution of the documentary film.

The Carter further relates the intense passion Lil Wayne has for music and his portable studio that accompanies him almost everywhere he goes. Lil Wayne can actually record a song almost anywhere; however unlike his ideal star Kurt Cobain, Lil Wayne does not record his lyrics in writing. In his defense, Lil Wayne believes in leaving no proof behind and works endlessly to immortalize his legacy through his music. The documentary film further unveils some disturbing facts about Lil Wayne’s life such as how he was raped at the age of 11 and how that incident has made him who he is. The star has gone through several ups and downs, but that is just how he evolved into a legendary musician.

His personality borders on narcissism and in several parts of the documentary film, he has professed his love for himself. The audiences even get to meet Lil Wayne’s adorable little daughter, who has inherited her father’s talent of rapping out the perfect lines, as she describes her love for the color yellow and her favorite artists like Chris Brown. The documentary film gives great insight into the life of Lil Wayne and is definitely a must-watch for all his fans and even those who are in the process of getting accustomed to rap music.

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