Living with Michael Jackson – ITV (2003)

Living with Michael Jackson - ITV Documentary Film

Living with Michael Jackson - This 110 minutes long ITV documentary film was released in the year 2003.  In this ITV documentary film the world’s superstar Michael Jackson was interviewed by Martin Bashir who is the British journalist. Martin Bashir said eight months ago, he put a proposal to Jackson; he asked Jackson to show him a real man, but show him everything and make nothing off limits. Jackson though about it and also agreed to Bashir. They begin a journey together across the continents, through Michael’s past and rapidly into the disturbing reality.

Living with Michael Jackson - The ITV documentary film says this is the Jackson people never seen before from the inside; his music, his money, his children, his personal life and his face. Martin Bashir asks Michael that how he writes a song and he answered it that don’t write the music, let the music write itself. Michael’s home Neverland is 3 hours from the Los Angeles, which is simply a fun land; inside there is zoo full of animals. It was literally a paradise for a ten year old child but Jackson was 44 years old.

Living with Michael Jackson - Further the ITV documentary film reveals the climate creates problems to Jackson because of his surgeries which made him allergic to the sun. He played to Bashir his first solo song when he was just 8 and by then Jackson had already been performing from 3 years. In late summer Michael leaves Neverland and he was often to stay few weeks in Las Vegas. They went for shopping together and everywhere there were huge lines of his fans trying to greet Jackson.

Michael Jackson sensed tricked by Martin Bashir and reported that the documentary gives an altered picture of his life and performs as a dad. He claims that, Martin Bashir was just asking the question which were favorable to him but not with Jackson. He complains about the broadcasting channel and also he sued the Martin Bashir.

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