Lost Book Of Nostradamus – History Channel (2007)

Lost Book Of Nostradamus - History Channel Documentary

Nostradamus is widely regarded as an emphatic prophet in popular culture today. Being born in France in the 16th Century, Nostradamus grew up to become a renowned poet in his native country. He was also a gifted seer, who foretold many future events that have since then made into history books. Lost Book Of Nostradamus, the History Channel documentary film is directed by Kreg Lauterbach and written by Sarah Hollister. This is actually an episode from History Channel’s award winning documentary series on religion and history.

Lost Book Of Nostradamus: The History Channel documentary film is narrated by Vincent Bridges and opens with a brief introduction to Nostradamus, how his prophecies have foretold almost every subsequent major event in the world. It is shown that a new book was discovered recently, it was also written by Nostradamus and until now it had been lost. Cryptic are very excited about this book and are beginning to examine it.

It is shown early on that Nostradamus had made a water colour painting of a burning tower in this book  and then written a few vague lines about it, there can be no doubt that this picture is depicting the events that took place on Sept 11, 2001. The burning tower is analogous to the WTC towers that were destroyed on that day.

Other references are also made about 911, for instance; in the same volume we see a depiction of a wheel which is dubbed the “wheel of time” which shows a skyline very similar to modern New York.

While Nostradamus may have had a cataclysmic impact on the world through his prophecies, there are some who disagree as to the authenticity of his works. Indeed, some historians believe that his books are actually antedated forgeries that were created to aid political events. It is also questioned whether these books are really as old as they appear to be. It was observed that some last pages in his books have a higher content of lead in the ink, thus meaning they were inscribed much later than the rest of the book. Scientists estimate that these pages were written about a hundred years after Nostradamus’s death.

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