Man Made Marvels: Ultimate Casino – Discovery Channel (2011)

Man Made Marvels: Ultimate Casino - Discovery Channel Documentary

The Venetian Macao Resort hotel is now the world’s largest inhabited structure, containing the largest casino of the world! This resort is a beauty of immense magnitude and seemingly is the Asian descent of Las Vegas has left Las Vegas only to awe in disbelief as the Venetian comes to life! Man Made Marvels, Discovery Channel documentary series takes you to yet another wonder of creation. This gigantic building is built on one of the three small islands of Macao, making it seem like a magnanimous structure emerging out of the water. First look at it and you might start picturing roulette the size of a full-fledged merry go round!  It is the epitome of all structures.

Sheldon Adelson, chairman and CEO of the Las Vegas Sands Corp and one of the world’s richest person, saw an opportunity he couldn’t afford to let go of. He went international with his Casino business and targeted Macao. Macao has proven to be very fruitful for Adelson. Macao is China’s very own Sin City. The only place where there is legalized gaming. Macao that once pulled merchants and businessmen towards itself for it was an important trade place, is now pulling in the richest around for casinos! Macao is soon to win the race to become the most lucrative gaming center in the world.

When Adelson called it the ‘The Integrated resort’ we couldn’t rationale with mind for five shopping malls, thirty restaurants, showrooms, arena, exhibition center, ballroom, spa, hotel, museums and of course gaming! How Adelson battles typhoon, heavy rainfall, land to cater the massive size and constriction of time, find out here. money does not solve everything, Adelson and his team find out the hard way. Watch how they overcome the problems of fitting all the luxuries and Venetian look, into that one space!

Man Made Marvels: Ultimate Casino: It is a great documentary film by Discovery Channel, proving to be a great study for structural and architecture students and true wonder for all others. Packed with vivid construction descriptions, interviews and knowledge, this film is a must watch.

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