MegaStructures: Deep Sea Drillers – National Geographic (2005)

MegaStructures: Deep Sea Drillers - National Geographic Documentary

Deep Sea Drillers is the National Geographic documentary film from Megastructures documentary series, first aired in the year 2005. This film is 47 minutes long. There is an army of incredible machines that drill well miles under the water, a ship that lays pipe under the sea floor. This was an immense gas processing, platform designed to float on the Gulf of Mexico. It was a network of gas pipeline in the deepest water about 9000 feet down. For the team of mega movers, it was a go time.

MegaStructures: Deep Sea Drillers: This National Geographic documentary film says in this project a drill ship called Momenium is designed for the job. The ship which is longer than two football fields, a huge tower on her deck called Derrick, that lift the column and lower into the middle of the ship, almost 9000 feet tubing, that attached to the ocean surface all the way to the top of the well. Once the testing equipment is installed into the well the engineers will know if the gas is flowing freely. The next step was lying the cables into each well to check the gas flow; this job is done by ship called Percious. She is the only vessel that can install cables into the deep water.

MegaStructures: Deep Sea Drillers: The National Geographic documentary film reveals that the ship called mighty servant 3, this mega cargo ship off loads by letting her cargo float, the four towers were jud up and seems like four huge sales. After 7 hours, the towers start floating. The gas processing block as big as the city block and weighs almost 9000 tons. The Balder ship, was used for the protection massive anchors of the independence hub. This ship looked like a huge platform. If the Balder could not install the anchors perfectly the independence hub can fall free. For this not to happen engineers installed 12 permanent anchors called suction pilings.

It’s the land of art moment, and ambitious deep-sea construction project can ever be attempted. In the last the team toe, the hub with gulf and link it with vast network of wells, pipe and cables. It’s the jewels in the crown of the world deepest natural-gas network started in July in the year 2007. A billion cubic of gas is used each day with it because of the team of mega machines.

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