Megastructures: Future Trains – National Geographic (2008)

Megastructures: Future Trains - National Geographic Documentary

Megastructures: Future Trains - This 47 minutes long National Geographic documentary film was broadcasted in the year 2008. This is the train as fast as the plane. This is Maglev, a revolutionary transportation system. However, something has gone wrong that is the world first crash of the magnetic levitation vehicle in which 23 people died. This is the story behind the future of transport.

Megastructures: Future Trains - The National Geographic documentary film says in the northern Germany having the facility to develop a magnetic levitation vehicle or Maglev which over a 1 billion US $. It is put to build a magnetic levitation vehicle through its paces. The demonstration track is open for more than 20 years, and the Maglev had travel nearly 1 million kilometers on it. The test truck is unclosed for the public. In total more than half of million curious visitors had experience of high speed magnetic levitation without incident. However, one September day the Maglev faces a shocking turn of an event. It set out for the test run and quickly accelerated to 200 kilometers per hour it usually blazed around 31.5 kilometer test ride in minutes hitting speeds of 450 kilometers per hour on the straighter ways. But less than 60 seconds after it starts the test run unthinkable happened. A maintenance vehicle was also on the track checking the guide way for deviant problems. It was the first major accident for the technology that had been a century in making.

Megastructures: Future Trains - Further the National Geographic documentary film reveals a Maglev is the transportation faster than a formula one race car. This technology represents a radical approach to locomotion. It floats over a guide way. The guide way of vehicle work together an uncontrolled magnetic levitation and proportion neither part is compatible with any other transportation system. It uses magnetic attraction along with length of the vehicle magnet attach to the bottom on the train’s guide way. A computer regulates the power to the magnets and keeps the vehicle suspended for the space of approx 10 millimeters. It never made contact with concrete and steel surface of the super structure.

Each Maglev vehicle weighs 50 tons. Speed is almost 400 kilometers per hour, always 10 millimeters above the guide way its sounds incredible.

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