Megastructures: Golden Gate Bridge – National Geographic (2004)

Megastructures: Golden Gate Bridge - National Geographic Documentary

Among all the Megastructures, Golden Gate Bridge of San Francisco is one of the most famous bridges. This suspension bridge opens the paths of San Francisco into the Pacific ocean. Built with a cost of more than $35 million, this bridge has always been under the mercy of oceanic disasters. Golden Gate Bridge is a 45 minutes long documentary of the National Geographic’s Megastructures documentary series and discusses the natural threats to Golden Gate Bridge, the struggle of San Francisco’s engineers against the constant drive of Pacific’s natural threats and most importantly, the fight of these engineers to make this bridge earthquake resistant.

Megastructures: Golden Gate Bridge - The National Geographic documentary starts with a brief explanation of the threats this bridge has passed through since 70 years. Sea fogs, underwater temperature changes and major aquatic destructions have been decaying the hard metal of this bridge. Though consistent efforts are being made by the teams of experts to treat the bridge’s metal, however, the bridge stays in one step ahead and every time comes with something totally new and more devastating. But the worst is still to come i.e. the underwater earthquake of San Fransisco, which is expected to hit this bridge in coming years.

Megastructures: Golden Gate Bridge - The National Geographic documentary film also discusses the initial construction and later, reconstruction of this bridge to make it withstand the most powerful forces on the planet. However, seismologists predict that in coming years, an earthquake would hit San Fransisco and would shatter this bridge into pieces. At large, this National Geographic documentary film is a forthcoming piece of acquaintance and enlightenment and nourishes the belief of humans in the powers of mother nature. An interview of the General Manager of Golden Gate Bridge, Celia Kupersmith, also exclaims about the human’s struggle of survival against mother nature.

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