Megastructures: Hoover Dam Reinvented – National Geographic (2006)

Megastructures: Hoover Dam Reinvented - National Geographic Documentary

Megastructures: Hoover Dam Reinvented - This 45 minutes long National Geographic documentary film was aired in the year 2006. A succeed of technological innovation is a tangible arch-gravity dam in the black Canyon of the Co Stream, man overcoming characteristics. Now think about there is no Hoover dam, one must be designed, how would professional designed it today? What would they do differently? This National Geographic documentary film speaks about the reinvention of the great dam.

The National Geographic documentary film says Hoover Dam is a United States symbol. United States Bauru of reclamation built it in Thirties. It is been the model to Dam technological innovation ever since. Its purpose is to hold the Co Stream for surging, also to store water to irrigate vast wasteland town areas and satisfy the hunger of growing places such as Los Angeles and Las Vegas. It provides the clean consistent power to the United States the west brands the population growth unrivaled in history to do that it requires a massive technological innovation accomplishment. It was finished in the season 1935.

Megastructures: Hoover Dam Reinvented - The National Geographic documentary film asks the engineers, biologist and construction experts to tell us how they reinvent Hoover’s dam. To begin with reinvention one must consider the location before the Hoover dam was built. The first step is for choosing the location; the original location was choosing by the American Bauru of reclamation using the best tools at the time. However, the modern invention can give the much better picture of topography and geology of the site the rock needs to be strong enough to restrain tremendous loads of water pressure. 2nd step how much water can be stored in the reservoirs because the more water the more human benefits and 3rd proximity to the population centers and major lines of transportation, to bring the men power, equipment and resources to build the dam.

What is certain is the original builder of the dam did not see their engineering wonder of the world as the temporary structure.

Just like the great pyramid of Egypt, Hoover dam will stand for thousands of years. It is exactly what its building is intended.

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