Megastructures: Ice Hotel – National Geographic (2006)

Megastructures: Ice Hotel - National Geographic Documentary

Megastructures: Ice Hotel - This 47 minutes long National Geographic documentary film was released during the year 2006. This National Geographic documentary film is based at the hotel completely made up of ICE. It is a 30 thousand cubic meter of driven snow, 3000 tons of purest ice in the world. It is a massive block carved from the wild Arctic river. Using snowfall canons, cycle saw a group of designers, contractors and artists are in a competition against some time to nasty arctic climate. They were trying to develop a resort only from snowfall and ice in less than six weeks. If they get wrong they could mean a disaster collapse and an end to the dream. However, if they get it right, it will be one of the most breaths taking beautiful building on the planet.

Megastructures: Ice Hotel - The National Geographic documentary film says it’s got to be one of the craziest ideas on the history of construction. It is a 200 hundred kilometer north to the Arctic Circle in Sweden. A team of architects, builder and artists are planning one of the world’s most extra ordinary buildings. It is a six thousand square meter’s hotel, made entirely from snow and ice. It’s a project that not only boggles the imagination it will be the human determination under extreme winds of nature. This world’s largest igloo requires 3000 tons of ice blocks and to hold it 30 thousand cubic meters of snow is used.

Megastructures: Ice Hotel - Further the National Geographic documentary film talks about the builders have chosen to build their fantasy in the tiny town of Jukkasjarvi. In Jukkasjarvi is winter all the year summer is too short, in fact; the snow is always on the ground for 8 to 10 months in a year. Every ice hotel has a life and death; a cycle of creation and existence is tied to nature. It plumbs 1500 liter of water in a minute to feed the ice hotels three powerful snice making machines. The water is fired under a tremendous pressure from hundred of tiny appreciation nossil and when it the freezing air snice is the result.

It is a 6 thousand square meter long. It is bigger than the football field. 60 guest rooms will sneak out along with the arch corridors and ice church kept by its 10 meter doom and supported by columns of ice about six meters high.

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