MegaStructures: Impossible Bridges: China – National Geographic (2006)

MegaStructures: Impossible Bridges: China - National Geographic Documentary

Hailed as a ‘masterpiece of bridge construction’ the National Geographic documentary film titled Impossible Bridges: China of MegaStructures series, highlights the daunting challenge undertaken by Chinese engineers to construct the Lupu Bridge. The Lupu Bridge connects the old Shanghai to New Shanghai across the half-a-kilometer wide Huangpu River that divides the two districts. Constructed out of desperation than vanity, the Lupu Arch Bridge consisted of a 90-meter tall archway with 120 cables that hold the bridge, without any support from the bottom.  Although, it is now a boon to all the denizens of Shanghai, but the entire construction project has endured in the face of thousands of obstacles.

Impossible Bridges: China: The National Geographic documentary film of MegaStructures series, relates the construction of two of the most famous suspension bridges in China; the Lupu Arch and Runyang Bridge. These projects took immense engineering expertise that makes them the splendid structures they are today. The construction was set back by a number of factors, including China’s infamous typhoons and earthquakes that boggled engineers. Innovative techniques and billions of Yuan eventually brought their efforts to fruition. The colossal bridges were erected using metal sections that were welded together. Subjective analysis and interview engage the viewers and take them back to the construction site that eventually bore these magnificent structures.

The bridges were built in the shortest possible time to help commuters reach their destinations on time. The bridges then led to a diffusion of traffic on the street of Shanghai that had escalated as a result of rural-urban migration.  It has provided a connecting path for people between the two districts and has expedited transportation. Using sophisticated graphic representations of the engineering procedures, the National Geographic documentary film condenses the two year-long construction venture into an hour-long episode that beautifully depicts all aspects of the amazing Bridges. An engineering marveled that continues to evoke fascination and interest all over the world and have become major tourist attractions.

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