MegaStructures: Impossible Bridges: Denmark to Sweden – National Geographic (2006)

MegaStructures: Impossible Bridges: Denmark to Sweden - National Geographic Documentary

Impossible Bridges: Denmark to Sweden - This 47 minutes long National Geographic documentary film of MegaStructures series was aired in the year 2006. The National Geographic documentary film talks about the longest bridge of its kind. A single span is leaping almost half a kilometer and a roadway that plunges into a record-breaking tunnel. The vision is bold the challenge is extraordinary. It is the bridge that changes the man of Europe. What does it take to build of the world’s mega bridges?

The National Geographic documentary film says in Northern Europe Baltic sea converges with North Sea at Oresund strait, a 16 kilometers wide stretch of water with notoriously lousy weather that separate the Denmark and Sweden. The Oresund strait is frustrating barrier because each shore has something that other need. Denmark needs cheap housing, and Sweden needs more jobs. If these two cities could be connected, they will become an economic power house. The Oresund Bridge is one of the largest cable strait bridges. It can carry cars as well as the enormous weights of the train. 1090 meters of road and rail dangle from 160 cables; it is 60 meters above the sea and the support towers 204 meters through the air which making Oresund strait one of the tallest bridges in Sweden.

MegaStructures: Impossible Bridges: Denmark to Sweden - The National Geographic documentary film reveals that the bridge project was officially started during the year 1991, when the both countries agree to connect their countries. The companies from both countries agree to build the bridge together. A cable strait bridge is cheaper to be built than the suspension bridges not having the two enormous main cables six tons of steel. The decision was made and the best design which meets Oresund strait was tiring two-level cable with four principal roads on the top and high-speed rail road underneath. It would be a monumental structure the crowning achievement in 16 kilometers of Oresund link. he agreement between the Denmark and Sweden was to build the bridge within five years. In these five years engineers have to build a manmade island, a record-setting bridge and the biggest tunnel of its kind.

It’s a double-deck bridge for car and trains, and a tallest free standing double pile on any bridge anywhere in the world.

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