Megastructures: Mega Ship – National Geographic (2005)

Megastructures: Megaship - Nat Geo Documentary

Megastructures: Mega Ship: This National Geographic documentary film is written and produced by Rob Kerr. This is the story of one of the largest ships sailing in our oceans, Orient Overseas Container Line (OOCL Atlanta ship). It is as tall as a ten story building and travels nearly 2/3rd of a distance to the moon, and carries closely two hundred thousand containers in one year. And yet the crew on the ship consists of only 22 men who have to be ready to deal with any disaster and protect their ship under all circumstances. This mega ship is a true giant of the ocean.

The Atlanta is 323 meters long, which means if put vertically it will be taller than the Eiffel tower. It weighs more than 134 000 tons when full. Thanks to giant ships like the Atlanta, the wheels of world’s commerce are still moving, as more than half of the world’s cargo travels in containers and its ships like these that transfer the containers intact and on time. The Atlanta usually carries two specific kinds of containers, wine and prawns.

When first launched Atlanta was the largest ship in the world. It is the high-tensile steel and the design of the ship that give it the Atlanta its immense load carrying ability. The power engine of the ship is enormous; it fills a room six stories high. It rotates at 104 RPM and produces a breath-taking amount of power of 93120 BHP.

Being on board at the Atlanta, is as much a threat as it is a thrill. Even a smallest spark at the wrong place can turn into a fire ball and fire in the sea with such an enormous amount of cargo can be disastrous. In the ocean, you are on your own without any emergency services or medical care so you have to be very careful.

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