Megastructures: Petronas Towers – National Geographic (2004)

Megastructures: Petronas Towers - Nat Geo Documentary

Megastructures: Petronas Towers: Directed and produced by Thomas Viner this National Geographic Megastructures documentary film tells us about the story behind the tallest twin tower in the world – the Petronas Towers. Located in Malaysia these sky scrapers are 450 meters tall, housing almost ten thousand people this is like a city in the air. What no one knows is how big a challenge it was to build these towers. The main idea behind building these tallest towers was to get recognition by the world as accepted by the Malaysian prime minister himself. However, the main challenge was to design the building with a unique Malayan style, as the traditional Malaysian architecture consists of low buildings.

It took the architect eight months to design the towers according to the Islamic architecture. Then the finest of the best were hired, and the construction process started. The most unusual thing done by the Malaysians was to hire two different construction companies to design the two towers. Before the construction, process even started a problem was discovered on the ground. The soil was not strong enough to hold the weight of such huge buildings.

Then the geniuses behind the structure came up with another brilliant idea, and the whole building was shifted to the softer ground and was nailed to the ground with the world’s deepest foundations.  Even then, building the towers was not an easy task. There were problems arising rite from the beginning and at each step, it looked like this building was going to fail. The first few months were a complete disaster with one problem arising after another. However, the never-ending hard work and dedication of the builders made it happen.

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