Megastructures: QM2 Superliner – National Geographic (2007)

Megastructures: QM2 Superliner - National Geographic Documentary

Megastructures: QM2 Superliner -  This 47 minutes long National Geographic documentary film is aired in the year 2007.  QM2 Superliner is the city of sea. She is the largest and most expensive ocean liner ever conceived. Stood on her and she is taller than the Eiffel Tower. Her engines are larger enough to power south Hampton. She is capable of crossing roughest seas of the planet. While her passenger enjoys unrivaled luxury and she is unique among ships. In an age when ocean liners have almost disappeared, she is a vessel of you believed to that ever be built. However, to construct this 21st century icon the engineer has to do nothing less to reinvent the ship building.

The National Geographic documentary film says in April 2007, the world largest ocean liner the QM2, was at her birth in south Hampton. Preparing for her weekly transatlantic voyage to New York containing 2500 of passengers, this is the ship that never sleeps. The QM2 Superliner set off on her voyage of 3000 miles journey from Europe to America. This stretch of water once provided a private commercial passenger business until the 1950s the only way to travel across the Atlantic Ocean was on board on ocean liner.

Megastructures: QM2 Superliner -  The National Geographic documentary reveals that ship company Leonard had a reputation of some of the finest ships; the Lusitania, Queen Elizabeth and the original Queen Mary rule the waves. After 40 years after the invention of an aero plane, the only ocean liner doing this crossing was QM2. Her age was beginning to show, and the once proud ocean liner was in deep financial trouble. The ship yard workers were determined to finish construction on time. Despite the tragic collapse of QM2 Superliner gang way the crucial final touch has to be carefully putting place before she was accepted by the owner Micky Arison. Against all the odds and after a month of hard work, the QM2 Superliner was finally ready for delivery on the very day that is been specified two years before. On Boxing Day 2003, the completed QM2 Superliner was delivered to owner Micky Arison.

Once she docked in New York the QM2 Superliner has just 10 hours to load off, turn around and be ready to do it all over again.

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