Megastructures: Super Pipeline – National Geographic (2008)

Megastructures: Super Pipeline - National Geographic Documentary

Megastructures: Super Pipeline - This National Geographic documentary film is aired in the year 2008. It is one of the gas industry’s riskiest projects ever, the construction of the longest subsea pipeline in the world. Giant ships lay 100 thousand pipes linking from Norway to Britain. While the machinery used throughout this project is beyond the reach of human hands. However, after everything there is a brutal north sea.

Megastructures: Super Pipeline - The National Geographic documentary says, 120 kilometers of the coast of Norway, is one of the largest undersea gas fields. It is 40 kilometers long and 10 kilometers wide and containing over 3 billion cubic meters of gas. It’s called omen line is locked in 3000 kilometers below the sea very deep and so remote that it was considered to be beyond the reach of man and machine. However, the engineer started working to find the way because it was having enough gas to cover 20 % of United Kingdom needs for 40 years. The Norwanian engineers know that there was an expanding market for natural gas in Britain because coal traditionally used to power the economy, there is no longer sustainable. Foreign was frequently being used to power the turbines for producing electricity to power homes and mills.

Megastructures: Super Pipeline - The National Geographic documentary explains that the engineers got a plan which was going to take 10 years and 10 billion $. First, they put the Omen line gas deposit to transport the gas over 120 kilometers to Norway one of the greatest processing gas plants and then send this process gas from the pipeline to the UK a total distance of 1,200 kilometers. Even so, to build the largest pipeline was a major obstacle. They need to drill nearly 2000 meters through the sea bed to tap the gas field. The job was handled by massing one of the largest industrial ships around the world each design to tackle specific phase of the deep-sea construction. The entire operation takes the months to complete. With the final links made the engineers have done what seem impossible to build the super pipeline to some of the roughest under-water train in the planet.

By the time this pipeline gives the full production, the engineers will be moved to work on other projects. Behind them, there is a super pipeline hiding under the North Sea.

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