Megastructures: World’s Busiest Port – National Geographic (2005)

Megastructures: World's Busiest Port - National Geographic Documentary

Released on May 13, 2005, World’s Busiest Port is a 45 minutes long documentary of the Megastructures series on National Geographic Channel. Megastructures is the series of information, acquaintance and worthiness of the world’s masterpieces of engineering and expertise. It covers the topics of engineering problems, technical blunders and the possible threats to the world’s largest constructions. World’s Busiest Port is the 4th episode of its season 2 and talks about the construction design, technicalities and the strategic operations of Singapore Port, which serves for one-third of the world’s trade.

It starts with the entangling satellite speculations of the Singapore port which dominates all the ports around the world in operations and business. The enormous ships and high-tech operations make it really mega. Smaller than NYC, Singapore is located in the South-East of Asia but its port is a spacious and a grand forum of sea trade route. The world’s most important shipyards and container terminals lie in this port. About 6000 people work here day and night, and this port is always stuffed with at least 1000 ships in the dock. It further tells how the workers fight the battle of management and security when the mega ships dock at this port.

On the technical note, this National Geographic documentary is a remarkable piece of absolute direction with its splendid screenplay. The background music goes hand in hand with the context and adds sensation, brilliance and novelty into this National Geographic documentary film. Furthermore, the script of this National Geographic documentary makes one realize the struggle of managing and working in the port of Singapore which a normal person cannot even imagine. The catchy speculations from the satellite casting and Port Traffic Control Center shot with high-definition cameras indulge spirit and life off the screen. The footages of the world’s most enormous ships in broad daylight and glittering night visions win the maximum credits of this National Geographic documentary.

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