Mindshock: Transplanting Memories – Channel 4 (2006)

Mindshock: Transplanting Memories - Channel 4 Documentary

Mindshock: Transplanting Memories - This 48 minutes long Channel 4 documentary film was released in the year 2006. The Channel 4 film says about the heart transplantation, as it the life changing event but for few people it brings much more. Is it possible the new heart brings the memories of the donor? Research of the reviews of heart-transplant the related memory and character feature exchange. This idea of remembering, connecting heart is one of the radical scientific concepts to come along in a very long time and it changes everything.

Mindshock: Transplanting Memories - The Channel 4 documentary film says a heart transplant is a routine operation nowadays. However, the numbers of patients who receive new heart are reporting huge changes in their tastes, personality and most extraordinarily their memories. They believe that they have been given much more they have bargained for from their donors. The heart has been seen as a symbolic organ associated with love and emotion. Today new scientists are testing this theory that the heart is involved in people’s feelings, and it is intelligent that sometimes it leads the brain no interpretation of the world around.

Mindshock: Transplanting Memories - Further the Channel 4 film reveals that in the last forty years the scientist has developed the ability to transplant the heart from one body to another. At that time, entreating the experiences has emerged from the receipts and before that personality has been changed after their transplant. It brings the theories that heart is involved in developing the feeling and emotions. Scientist have been searching for an explanation for an extraordinary phenomenon in which memories and tastes seems too been transplanted along with the human heart. Many heart surgeons believe that it is physiological.

With new evidence that the organ like the heart, it has its own unique type of intelligence. Viewers are now moving to the understanding that the heart in collaboration to the brain has a role to interpreting the world around it.

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