My Brilliant Brain: Make Me A Genius – National Geographic (2006)

My Brilliant Brain: Make Me A Genius - National Geographic Documentary

Make Me A Genius - Released in 2006 this documentary film is one of a three part documentary series by National Geographic Channel; The documentary series is called My Brilliant Brain and consists of three full length episodes. Each episode relates to a neurotic condition and presents an individual on whom that condition has been observed. In this case, the subject brought under scrutiny is a middle aged woman called Susan Polgar.

Susan Polgar is a Hungarian woman who came into mainstream attention when she became the international chess Grandmaster in 1996 and eventually became the first woman World Champion at chess for three consecutive years after that. She has two sisters who are also certified Grandmasters and her father is a psychologist. Susan Polgar asserts that her brilliance at chess is not a gift from God as many of us would like to think so. What she actually says is that it took her a laborious amount of hard work, and dedicated practice (her father made her practice as much as 6 hours a day when she was four years old!).

The National Geographic documentary film starts with a brief introduction to the Susan Polgar household, how Mr. Polgar arranged for his daughters to indulge in chess when he saw their enthusiasm for the game. This is where a usual myth is sidelined; people usually believe that women do not have the intellectual abilities or reasoning required to win a game of chess. Many scientists say that female brains are just not wired to focus perfectly on a single task, women are normally very talkative and incline towards multitasking (none of which is ever as accurate as a single task done by a man).

My Brilliant Brain: Make Me A Genius - This National Geographic documentary film proves those scientists wrong, as it shows that with enough practice and effort a woman can train her mind to focus on the task at hand (in this case, chess). Nobody had ever thought that a woman might one day become the Grandmaster of chess, but Susan Polgar did just that. Susan Polgar has concentration powers so immense that she can even play chess verbally on a phone call by mentally working out the board. There can be no higher proof of her abilities than that.

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