National Geographic Explorer: Marijuana Nation (2008)

National Geographic Explorer: Marijuana Nation Documentary Film

National Geographic Explorer: Marijuana Nation - Released in 2008, this 50 minutes long documentary film is about drugs; particularly marijuana. This is actually a part of the “Drugs” series of documentaries by the National Geographic Channel. It is written by Robert Zakin and produced by Raymond Telles. The reporter Lisa Ling is the host and narrator of this documentary film and goes on to show us how secret farms along the Western Coast are growing Ganja (a type of drug), and some are even growing it openly under the pretext of medicinal purposes.

This is a highly detailed documentary film that takes us on a journey around the country where people literally consider marijuana to be a part of life, rather than just a drug. As can be seen in the documentary film, there is an immense potency of marijuana as a designer drug, since people are creating a more perfect drug right in their living rooms. Marijuana is thus one of the most widely used drugs in the world apart from heroin.

There are certain medical reasons for which use of marijuana becomes legal; this creates a tangled web of enforcement conflicts. Lisa Ling also goes on to interview law enforcement personnel, growers, as well as the self proclaimed “Prince of Pot”; all of whom provide insight into these complex issues. It really can’t be fathomed why the US government still classifies Marijuana as a class one drug, apart from the obvious addiction problem, marijuana also works miracles for cancer patients and even as a sleep aid.

National Geographic Explorer: Marijuana Nation - The remarkable thing about this National Geographic documentary is that it doesn’t provide any unnecessary chaff against or supporting the drug, what’s given is a relatively impartial study of all the merits and demerits of Marijuana. The documentary film extensively makes use of computer generated imagery to show us different anatomical aspects of the human body and how various parts of the body are affected by marijuana.

National Geographic Explorer: Marijuana Nation - The National Geographic documentary struggles to be impartial and there is a little to be desired in the sense of subject presentation, as it mainly focuses on the viewpoints of doctors and people who are in the marijuana business rather than activists. But still a good watch.

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