Natural World: A Farm for the Future – BBC (2009)

Natural World: A Farm for the Future - BBC Documentary Film

This BBC’s renowned Natural World series episode titled A Farm for the Future is a documentary film made by nature filmmaker Rebecca Hosking, who investigates the viability of sustainable farming. The most important premise is based on the oil price hikes that are going to have a significant impact on agricultural activities. It succinctly provides viewers with in-depth information regarding the connection between fossil fuels and farming and give that the former is a non-renewable source of energy; Rebecca Hosking analyzes and shows how “Post-oil farming” will become the most practical solution to most of our problems. Furthermore, all of this can be attained without using fossil fuels that have more disadvantages than benefits.

Rebecca Hosking proposes the use of ‘biodiversity’ rather than chemicals and other additives to enhance the yield of the crops. As the name of this BBC film suggests, Rebecca Hosking believes that reliance on natural resource is the ultimate panacea. The BBC film uses little original footage that alternates between interview shots. From a technical perspective, the BBC documentary lacks in its visual appeal. However, the information that it has to offer its viewers, is of incredible value and generally, the film is fairly impressive.  The tone of the BBC documentary is relatively inspirational and does not resort to cheap fear appeals to rouse the people into taking the necessary action.

Natural World: A Farm for the Future - Unlike most documentaries with an apocalyptic undertone, Rebecca Hosking focuses more on the immediate solution rather than using scare tactics. It tells that though, there are plenty of issues that need to be dealt with, but sustainable is a very reasonable and attainable answer. Rebecca Hosking believes nature to be the key that would solve everything and instead of spending billions of dollars on chemical treatment of the soil, there are plenty of other through which the land can be enriched with the necessary nutrients to support the cultivation and growth of crops. However, it may not be an easy task and requires more than just awareness to achieve Rebecca Hosking’s dream of establishing sustainable farms.

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