People & Power: What happened in Houla? – Al Jazeera (2012)

People & Power: What happened in Houla? - Al Jazeera Documentary Film

People & Power: What happened in Houla? - This Al Jazeera documentary film is actually an investigation report that reveals the happenings on 25th May 2012, Friday. The Houla massacre was happened near Homs, Syria. The action done by the regime military in killing approximately a hundred of people, mostly women and children is mainly focused. This film has many of the witnesses and testimonies of the event. This day shook the world and was entered in the most inhuman activities this year.

This unpronounced killing massacre of Houla cannot be a simple mistake by the regime military, the killed were 50% children precisely. This documentary film by Mahmoud al-Ken reveals the intentions of the military behind this bloodbath. The snipers were used against the peaceful protesters on the streets. Kids and families were there, the Al Jazeera documentary film further reveals the live footage of the event.

Accordingly to the high command from regime military, the place was targeted as a terrorist refuge. This Al Jazeera documentary totally refuses to believe that and in return provides the further proves to invoke justice. The victims of the massacre were interviewed in this documentary film to explain the cruelty and bloodbath done by the regime military. The regime military totally denies the fact that they used the tanks but through the videos and footage in this Al Jazeera documentary it is quite clear that they practically used tanks and snipers on peaceful protestors.

People & Power: What happened in Houla? - The Al Jazeera documentary shows prove of T-72 tank shells, destroying the areas. Many people were taken to the clinics and hospitals nearby; the injured civilians were increasing dramatically. The doctors, instead of going homes ran for the clinics to attend the injured. There were also some footage on houses fired up and dead bodies of the innocents unattended on the streets of Houla. This Al Jazeera documentary film, through testimonies and witnesses intend to open eyes of the world, giving attention to this matter in depth.

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