Sexy Inc. – Our Children Under Influence (2007)

Sexy Inc. - Our Children Under Influence Documentary Film

Sexy Inc.: Our Children Under Influence is a very disturbing documentary film; but what is even more disturbing is the fact that it is based on the society and norms of today. In the modern world the girls of today are exposed to several such rules and regulations in their everyday life that would seem highly improbable just a few years back. The term “Sexy” has almost become the best compliment that can be given to any girl; this is something that is quite alarming; because it just shows the level of erode that has occurred in our ethical and social limits. The barriers that are necessary to prevent children from committing mistakes that they could regret for the whole of their lives are fast disappearing because of this modern and so called in fashion way of life.

There only a few things today that aren’t as common as fashion; the term has come to mean some sort of holy and religious requirement of every teenage girl in the world today. It is indeed saddening that the girls of today are taught some very mistuned facts of going about their ways; one such unfortunate rule that has come forward in the last few years is that if you want to be popular and if you want to be talked about then you have to be hot! And what is the meaning of this terminology? That is to be hot? That is in itself a disturbingly twisted conception of being liked. Today’s definition of hotness has become to be known as wearing light clothing, and making it as possibly short as possible. This is a clear cut neglect of the norms of a good functional society.

This unfortunate sexual disorientation of today’s youth is causing the erosion of social, moral, sexual and physical barriers that are necessary to maintain in bringing up children. This film is a good example of everything that we all know is wrong, but somehow it has become acceptable to everyone and that needs to change.

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