Shoot for the Moon – BBC (1995)

Shoot for the Moon - BBC Documentary Film

Shoot for the Moon - This BBC documentary film highlights the conception, design and construction of one of the most enchanting theme park project called “Space Mountain” for Disneyland, Paris. The project was headed by Tim Delaney, who combined imagination with mundane engineering techniques to give birth to a unique experience. The Space Mountain was, in fact, a roller-coaster ride that was designed in such a way, to give its passengers a feeling of cruising through the outer space. The lighting completely concealed the tracks and a whole team of technicians and musicians used their imaginative efforts in designing this amazing theme park attraction.

With millions of dollars at stake and to live up to Disneyland’s grand reputation of bringing extraordinary concepts to life, the project was indeed a success. The BBC documentary film covers the various hardships and the intricate designs that were used in bringing “Space Mountain” to fruition and condenses it wonderfully into a 45-minutes documentary film. The executive designer Tim Delaney was also the producer of this BBC documentary film that exquisitely describes even the smallest detail of this project. The project was indeed one of the greatest creative engineering feats and has become a major attraction of Disneyland, Paris.

Shoot for the Moon - The entire footage was filmed during the construction of ‘Space Mountain’ in 1994 and 1995. It is an engaging report that further includes extensive interviews from other Walt Disney engineers who additionally highlight the numerous that they faced in the development of the project. It is a well-conceived documentary film from BBC that sheds light on how Walt Disney contributes to develop sophisticated engineering techniques. The BBC documentary film is an absolute must-watch for people, who possess an undying passion for engineering with a hint of imagination. It is cutting edge and tells us about one of the greatest theme parks and how it manages to gain an edge over all others. An educational insight into how things work and are developed at Walt Disney that would even pique the interest of the young ones.

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