Shoot To Miss: The ArrowMaster Story (2007)

Shoot To Miss: The ArrowMaster Story Documentary

Shoot To Miss: The ArrowMaster Story is a documentary film by Addi Somekh, starring Bob Markworth, Nancy Luna and Mayana. Bob Markworth is a much acclaimed arrowmaster bagging visit to fifty eight countries over the stretch of forty five years. In these countries he has also performed under order of State Heads and for Royalty. Not only does he travel and perform but also has penned down his journeys in numerous articles and magazines, making his endeavors public. The documentary film commences with the show Bob Markworth and Nancy Luna have put together. His daring acts have startled audiences for generations. Bob Markworth’s work clearly manifests brilliance as the audience goes from disbelief to awe to applause within the space of the arrow leaving the bow and reaching its target.

Four decades and counting and never having a mishap have made Bob Markworth a sensation. He has been shooting apples and balloons off the heads of beautiful assistants but his work is to evolve else his act will face extinction. Over time, he must innovate and learn new ways with old tricks to keep the crowd entertained. In a pacing world, fad fades quicker than memory in a goldfish. So with Luna; a contortionist with a background in acrobatics, dance, and modeling, he sets off on road to travel to new Mexico, where in a three month elementary school assembly tour he will enlighten students with his act and teach them the history of archery.

Shoot To Miss: The ArrowMaster Story covers the week over which Bob Markworth has to hurdle over problems with time management and entertainment offered to the depressed rural towns of Indian reservations. With Luna and his mastery aiding his side, he is determined never to give up. The coverage of events over a week will leave you tangled with Bob Markworth and he tells tales of his skills and Mastery, its responsibility along with the pros and cons. Watching the self proclaimed ‘Piped Piper of Archery’ is sheer entertainment itself and for the documentary addicts, this movie is a bull’s–eye!

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