Siberia: Krokodil Tears – VICE (2011)

Siberia: Krokodil Tears - VICE Documentary

Krokodil is a homemade drug and is gaining fame in Siberia. Krokodil is Russian for Crocodile and so are the effects of them on its users. The results are deadly. User’s skins start to turn scaly and dry, before it rots and gets right off them, shed! It being the real mother-load of all drugs, has had even heroin takers shudder with its name.

Siberia: Krokodil Tears: The VICE documentary film starts off with a viewer’s warning and that will suffice to know that it is going to get good. Well not so good for the drug addicts though.  Hosted by Alison Severs, VICE takes us to Siberia to see how much has this drug affected and how deep is its impact. This film gets up close and personnel with the drug addicts shooting them shoot up this reptilian venom to their liking.

We look upon brief knowledge on how it all began; The 1979 Afghan war to stop the flood of drugs. Siberia has been since, flooded with drug users that are most unaware of. Siberia is drowning in self-inflicted high life, making it by 2011 the world’s biggest consumer of Heroin. The southern border lining is over four thousand miles long, making patrol impossible. The city of Novokuznetsk, bordering Kazakhstan, is the frontline of the heroin epidemic. Here the drug problem is most evident, having over twenty percent of its population addicted and hence where VICE journeys. Here we look into the addicts and are made aware that this drug devours flesh and leaves not its users live for over two to three years. For those who quit are usually left disfigured.

Will the Siberians not fall for the coaxing charm of Krokodil? Will they not be hypnotized by a drug that has ecstasy to the likes of heroin but is three times cheaper and a lot easier to make? What measures has Siberia made to eradicate this deadly issue and how much is rehab helping? Is there any hope of future for former Krokodil addicts? Let this VICE documentary film unveil the answers to you.

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