Sikhs in Kabul, Afghanistan (2012)

Sikh In Kabul, Afghanistan Documentary Film

We all are familiar with the situation in Afghanistan and how the common people there are suffering. Thousands of common people including women and children have been died, injured or disabled in the recent years. Majority of population in Afghanistan is of Muslims, but this film covers the minority Sikh that is living in harsh conditions in Afghanistan. Sikhs are in majority in Afghanistan but due to recent bombarding and anti terrorism activities throughout Afghanistan, a huge decrease can be seen in the population of Sikhs.

Sikhs in Kabul, Afghanistan - Well this documentary film shows the worst conditions of Sikh community of Afghanistan, who are now very few in quantity and are living a miserable life. According to this film, there were around 160,000 Sikh people throughout Afghanistan and about 80,000 in Kabul but now the number have decreased significantly. The Sikh who used to live here were a prominent part of the Afghan culture and heritage of Afghanistan. Guru Nanak Dev Ji, the founder of Sikhism had visited Kabul while returning from Mecca and Baghdad to India in 16th century. This film was able to put some light on the condition of minority Sikh in Afghanistan.

Due to bombardment in most of the places in Afghanistan many of Sikh’s places of worship have been destroyed or damaged. After the American invasion of 2001 most of the rich Sikhs flew to either Pakistan or Europe to embrace a new life but the Sikhs who are not in a financial state to go on a verge of move are having a number of troubles living in Afghanistan. Today with the passage of time the dilemma is getting even worse than ever before. Well this documentary clearly shows the bad condition of Sikh community in Afghanistan.

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