Situation Critical: North Hollywood Shootout – National Geographic (2007)

Situation Critical: North Hollywood Shootout - National Geographic Documentary

Situation Critical: North Hollywood Shootout – This National Geographic documentary film is a dramatic depiction of the North Hollywood Bank of America heist that took place in Los Angeles in February 1997. On a sunny weekday morning, two well-known and much feared criminals Larry Philips and his accomplice Emil Matasareanu loaded with all kinds of automatic weapons headed on their way to rob a branch of the Bank of America. Neither knew however, that this would be day that would become infamous in the history of bank robberies in the US as the day that changed everything.

Larry Phillips and Emil Matasareanu were known to the police to be involved in multiple bank robberies already and were already bannered to be extremely dangerous and hence got the name “The High Incident Bandits”. And on the morning of the 28th of February 1997, Larry Phillips and Emil Matasareanu lived upto their names. They packed with more than 5 different kinds of high impact automatic weapons and as an added advantage they imported armor piercing bullets to complement their high impact arsenal. And as if this wasn’t bad enough for the police they also managed to get hold of high capacity drum magazines which could hold up to 100 rounds of ammunition rather than the usual magazine which had a capacity of 30. All these factors combined would result into a completely unmanageable situation for the police of Los Angeles. When the bandits exit the bank unsuccessfully they are shocked to see huge number of cops already there, when the shootout starts all hell breaks loose and the police end up in a desperate situation. Although they outnumber the bandits tremendously, they are still outgunned and remain submissive for the major part of the shootout.

Situation Critical: North Hollywood Shootout – The National Geographic documentary film features the feats of bravery displayed by the local police in battling the Bandits until the SWAT team arrives and rescues them, in the end the only casualties suffered were of the two bandits but this incident completely changed the way law enforcement worked in Los Angeles.

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