Sky Life (2011)

Sky Life - Skydiving Documentary Film

Sky Life is a short documentary film about skydiving. It was released in 2011 and is a contender to be shown at the X-Dance Action Sports Film Festival. It was shot completely on location at the Skydive Southwest Florida institute for skydiving, located in Shell Creek Airport of Florida. The concept for such a documentary film first occurred to Emilio Mamuyac when he saw the increasing popularity of skydiving as an emerging sport.

Hollywood has generously made use of skydiving sequences in their movies to create an aura of adventure and intensity in action films, and this has made a huge impact in people’s imaginations. The sport that was once thought of as dangerous by the majority of people is fast becoming a regular sport; especially by young people. The thrill of free fall and the incredible freedom that comes with it, serves as a drug for most people. Skydiving becomes an addiction for them and they cherish the few minutes of liberation that they experience through it.

Skydive Southwest Florida gets hundreds of applicants every year who want to experience the thrill of skydiving, these students are first taught the basics of body control and utilizing the safety harness that goes along with it. These “tenant” skydiving courses have a pre-requisite set of rules; the applicant must be at least 18 years old and weigh less than 200 pounds, with no adverse medical history.

The applicants are also allowed to have their jumps photographed and recorded on DVD so they can relive these moments. Classes are also given to those wishing to become certified Skydiving Instructors. Emilio Mamuyac also interviews some of the instructors and asks them what makes this sport so special for them, many of them reply that the shear excitement and contentment that they feel while soaring through the air is a stimulant for them. Many of them describe skydiving as a calm and soothing experience.

Sky Life: This documentary film is a good first effort from Emilio Mamuyac. It combines pretty nifty aerial camera work and goes to show that any future installments from Mamuyac will have to live up to the standard set by this one.

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