Space Race: Race For Rockets – BBC (2005)

Space Race – Race For Rockets - BBC Documentary Film

The BBC documentary series titled Space Race highlights one of mankind’s greatest fantasies; which was of leaving earth. Their first season was called Race for Rockets that gives extensive and in-depth information about how this fantasy was brought to fruition by the undying efforts of eminent rocket scientists. Their efforts were further fueled by the rivalry between Russia and the United States. The BBC documentary is, in fact, a four episode mini drama series that reenacts the events preceding the greatest feat of humanity. It takes the audiences on a beautiful journey across time that allows them to see the struggles of two nations and two men, who were filled with the desire to surpass each other.

Space Race: Race For Rockets - The BBC documentary film recounts the progress in space sciences during the Cold War that intensified competition on every level. Thus, it was only understandable that their bitter competition also seeped into the level of scientific progress. The project was then headed by two driven scientists, who carved their niche in the edifice of time for their eccentricities and recklessness. The scientist leading the Americans was the ex-Nazi Werhner Von Braun, whereas his Russian counterpart was Sergei Korolev; initially only known as the ‘chief designer’ as his identity was kept a secret until his death in 1966.

Space Race: The BBC mini documentary series involves an actor, with reasonable acting ability, playing the roles of all the people involved in this project. It is a well-conceived documentary film that uses sophisticated filming techniques to give everyone an insight into the mindset of the individuals and the gravity of the situation. It chronicles all the events that sparked the race and then finally brought it to an end with the victory of USA. This BBC documentary film is a must-watch for anyone, who has a penchant for rocket science and history. It is an exciting blend of both and is as informative and educational as it is entertaining. Showing it to young children will definitely spark an avid interest for learning and will broaden their horizons.

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