Super Rich: The Greed Game – BBC (2008)

Super Rich - The Greed Game - BBC Documentary Film

Super Rich: The Greed Game - This 60 minutes long BBC documentary film is broadcast on 1st April, in the year 2008. The director John O’Kane explains in this BBC documentary film, the luxurious lifestyle of those at the top of the world of finance evokes awe, disgust and ambition. With the incredible salaries, of the hedge fund traders in the millions and even many millions of bucks, it’s no wonder people are growing curious about how they made their cash.

In this film Robert Peston, the BBC’s Business Editor, speaks with investment bankers, hedge fund managers, and top managers of private equity corporations, on how the super rich have made their money. It offers an eye opening check out on how the massive earners operate, and a few of the potential consequences of their greed driven pursuit of extra money and success. In his show on BBC, Robert Peston checked out, how the super rich have helped to cause the credit crunch.

This BBC documentary film exposes, the United Kingdom financial services industry is fascinating and equally bothersome. The majority of nannies and housekeepers that work for Britain’s super rich pay a better percentage in tax than their millionaire employers. This includes some of the honest commentary from billionaire hedge fund manager George Soros, who admits that while he was creating a fortune, from the super boom, the average person has not fared well.

This BBC documentary film says many of Britain’s super wealthy people, in an effort to make extra money, people with terrible credit histories were allowed to borrow money for homes, referred to as sub prime mortgages. These loans weren’t kept on the books, however sold at a profit to investors, far away and given excellent ratings. This has led to multiple home repossessions and many failing to repay loans, inflicting the present financial turmoil, where no bank wants to lend money. Meanwhile, the super rich are still doing fine, knowing governments have to be obliged, to bail them out.

Super Rich: The Greed Game questioned a number of key financial players and connected the dots between greed by the rich and therefore the credit crunch.

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