The Crusades: Crescent And The Cross – History Channel (2005)

The Crusades: Crescent And The Cross - History Channel Documentary

The Crusades:  Crescent and the Cross: This History Channel documentary film is about the middle age conflicts between Christians and the Muslims. This documentary film was released in 2005, and is a two part special that was aired on the History Channel. Being directed by Mark Lewis, this is shaping up to be quite a thorough and impartial film on the conflicts between the Muslims and the other great power, Christians.

The Crusades are historic battles that took place in the Middle East during the 11th Century AD. These were carried out by the then superpowers of the world; Muslims and Christians. Muslims had already occupied the Middle Eastern region for over two centuries from the time the crusades started. It was all initiated by Pope Urban II, who sent forces to reclaim the holy city of Jerusalem. The Muslims also consider Jerusalem to be a holy city, as this is the place from whence Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) is said to have ascended to heaven.

But this supposedly “noble” and “spiritual” quest spiraled out of proportion, as Europe had been famine at the time and economic conditions were also very bad. As a result, many Europeans joined the Pope’s armies just to get away from their home. When these people waged war on the Muslims, they quickly forgot their convictions and turned out to be greedy butchers; often killing innocent Muslim women and children. A few of them were even known to kill fellow Jews and Christians, cannibalism is also reported of these people. They forgot the fact that the war was a noble one, and that they were supposedly acting in the name of their God.

This is known as the first crusade, and the Pope managed to seize control of Jerusalem. But the Muslims retaliated not shortly afterwards, and managed to reclaim Jerusalem. This led to the failed second and third crusades, which only served to shed blood and massacre innocent civilians.

The Crusades:  Crescent and the Cross: This is an informative documentary film from History Channel, and the roots of many political conditions prevalent in the Middle East find their roots in these Crusades.

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