The Cuba Prostitution (2011)

The Cuba Prostitution Documentary

It is not a documentary film about “prostitution” in Cuba, as in the guy pays money in exchange for sex, it is more about Andrew Lindy trying to pick up girls in Cuba.

The author, Andrew Lindy, is obsessed with beauty. A New York based fashion and travel photographer, Andrew Lindy longs as much for connection as he does for beauty.

Being a travel photographer and having written travel articles for ELLE magazine, Andrew feels at home anywhere in the world… and as a fashion photographer, he is comfortable around beautiful women.

This is a look at the lack of sexual taboo in Cuba, as well as the financial difficulties that lead to prostitution in some Cubans, for the purpose of survival.

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  • Robert Smith

    I live in los angeles..and this man is a moron. He does not represent the real North American man. honestly, you go down there with your capitalist greendbacks am lure Cuban gals of wealth and prosperity? Have you been to detroit or compton? what planet are you from? you think it’s so great to have money. Communism, had these gals studied, is freedom. You’re not selling your soul to the American greenback. And you’re comments are idiotic. you say all they can do is eat and have sex. Then you engage in behavior where you mostly go there to get laid and eat. who is the hypocrite here? i’m in los angeles, where they have ebt cards or what they use to call food stamps, they have cheaper housing for people that can’t afford a regular apartment or home, they have free healthcare if they are in an emergency situation, we get unemployment benefits, disability benefits, and community help out as well in a last resort….if that isn’t communism or socialism than what is?

    • Keenan Crone

      He’s from Canada obviously. Being from Canada as well I can relate to him completely. I think living in a big city in the states there is much more visible poverty. Here in Canada we have it good, and if he brought that girl back here she could have a successful modeling career no problem. I can also relate to everything he says about Capitalism. It’s just as bad as Communism, worse than communism as a concept in my opinion. In Canada we have everything materially but no soul. Also, he was talking about sex in society the whole time because that is what the documentary is about.

  • Ziggi

    Just another frustrated sex tourist…

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