The Great Inca Rebellion – NOVA / National Geographic (2007)

The Great Inca Rebellion - NOVA - National Geographic Documentary

In this NOVA / National Geographic documentary film, archaeologist Guillermo Cock explores the truth about the war, and finds  out whether the Incas rose up against the invading Spaniards in 1532 with heavy armed forces and rebellious warfare, as this would put into doubt the extremely swift defeat of one of the New World’s most powerful civilizations.

The Great Inca Rebellion commences with an eerie scene of a cemetery crammed with skeletons that showcases the fierce battle between the warriors of Inca Empire and Spanish invaders. This NOVA / National Geographic film is a combination of crime-lab science and archaeology and not to forget history has been redefined in the discoveries made in this film.

The Great Inca Rebellion gets into the skin of the matter uncovering how a small Spanish army took over the well-established, most advanced civilization of the New World. It had seemed that the hero of the battle, Francisco Pizarro, with his Spanish conquistadors set out in search of treasure and power and successfully vanquished the Inca Emperor and the army in a one-attempt ambush.

Albeit , Guillermo Cock and ethnohistorian Maria Rostworowski make a different discovery of the truth of the matter.  They discover bodies buried hastily in the ground and badly mutilated and find out the first documented gunshot in the history of the New World. The NOVA / National Geographic documentary takes a sharp turn and it is realized that the weakened Inca did not just face the handful of Spaniards, but instead also had to fight against a huge army of Indians who stood at war against them.

The Great Inca Rebellion: Released in June 2007, this NOVA / National Geographic documentary film is a classic, suspense and thriller, with field researches and forensic science and archaeological findings and delves into the intriguing process of re-writing history employing science.

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