The Indoctrination Theory (2012)

The Indoctrination Theory Documentary Film

Written by Julian Kluk and released in May 2012, this documentary film is a video compilation of all the predictions made by a large number of players about Mass Effect 3’s ending. With views about the ending gathered from other videos, blogs, posts and forum discussions, along with the producer’s personal views, this documentary film is all you have to watch to get the right direction.

The game Mass Effect 3 and its ending have stirred quite a commotion in the players’ world. Countless videos and comments on the ending of the game describe it as either confusing or simply beyond human understanding! In the documentary film, the writer has put in much effort to analyze every single piece of evidence, with a clear breakdown of the understanding and finally testing whether the finding of the analysis is valid, plausible or absolutely unlikely.

So, what exactly is the Indoctrination Theory? In the finale, Shepard gets hit and knocked down by the Harbinger, while approaching the Portal and goes unconscious. Now, after this it is quite confusing that whether Shepard is hallucinating whatever follows, or he has been the victim of a greater scheme of being indoctrinated!

The writer’s personal observations are something that he has figured out himself and has been missed by the other players of the gaming community. There are a lot of disagreements running between the players, and the confusing end of this beloved franchise has become the talk of the town. There are compelling arguments in the video to support the indoctrination theory as well.

The Indoctrination Theory makes it easy for the viewer to choose his discretion as there are some interesting circumstances under which the ending of Mass Effect 3 could be one of the greatest pieces of game design ever created! The vehemence over Mass Effect 3‘s endings continues to shake the game’s expansive community and the big question that comes up is that in this whole process, have we been indoctrinated?

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