The Mars Underground (2007)

The Mars Underground Documentary Film

The Mars Underground is a 2007 84 minutes long documentary film directed by Scott J. Gill. This documentary film has got it all. It has been vivid detailing in the whole Mars Project, the minds, funding and team behind it, the hindrances, and magical moments, out of this world musical score and awe inspiring special effects and sound. This documentary film is packed and is a guaranteed stirring exposure to science geeks, astrologists, scientists, explorers and minds of the curious. Get ready to having all your Mars-related queries being answered!

Join Dr. Robert Zubrin, aerospace engineer and president of The Mars Society as he makes you walk his visionary and futuristic plans on the planet, Mars! This documentary film exclusively explores all theories of Dr. Robert Zubrin and his struggles on a Mars Direct project, designed to let humans land, sustain life and colonize on mars, with in depth historical and primary concepts of the general disagreement for Mars.

The Mars Underground - This documentary film is so much more than a boring to watch manned expedition. Dr. Robert Zubrin voices a very basic, affordable and convincingly credible plan for inhabitants of earth setting foot on the red giant, in the nearing future, possibly in a decade if funds are met. Dr. Robert Zubrin’s work was well acknowledged by many governing bodies as his strategy to execute the mission to Mars comprised of existing technology, plus it has been evident to let the ones stepping on Mars to stay over a year to explore, dig and collect samples and data before heading home.

It is made clear that Mars is no Moon. Moon was do-able and proved hence. Mars, on the other hand, though welcoming and earthly reminder, is very distant, cold and still reasonably unknown. Will this struggling plan ever see the light of day? Will it surpass all obstacles? Can man feel the red dirt? Let Dr. Robert Zubrin and his visions cultivate in you an answer.

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