The Music Instinct: Science and Song (2009)

The Music Instinct: Science and Song Documentary Film

Music possesses a unique trait that can move the masses and it is one of the most powerful phenomena in this world. The Music Instinct: Science and Song is a documentary film that discusses this very idea about the power of music or “the science of music”, as many would call it. The fact that music affects our psyche and has the power to leave a great impact on us; there must be some tangible physiological evidence that can support and legitimize the spiritual side of music. It is a novel concept that is discussed in the film and will provide an alternative perspective on an idea that has been as old as humanity and is present in almost every culture and society.

The Music Instinct: Science and Song - The film features interviews from eminent neuroscientists, physicists and musicians that juxtapose various beliefs and provides an in-depth insight into the subject. The study of music’s impact on our mind can help us find out more about the human body; according to Zatorre, “human mind is the last frontier… and music serves as the gateway to understanding human condition”. The impact of music is studied through cutting-edge technology such as PET scans and Functioning Magnetic Resonance Imaging (FMRI); and these tests showed amazing results that not only shows our brain activity when we are listening to music, but also shows that it changes significantly according to the genre of music we are listening to.

For instance, when listening to scary music, our brain immediately releases chemicals that ready the body for a “Fight or Flight response”. On the other hand, when listening to something melodious, our brain releases Dopamine that gives people the feeling of happiness and makes this activity all the more pleasurable. Historians have further found out how music has evolved over the years and educate the audiences about the musical artifacts that were discovered in various archaeological sites. It further highlights numerous properties of music and will definitely leave the audiences craving for more. The documentary film is well-made and features some very impressive research that continues to unearth baffling facts about music.

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