The New Rulers of the World (2001)

The New Rulers of the World Documentary Film

The New Rulers of the World is about the myths of globalization, that are incorporated into a lot of people’s everyday language. It’s a 65 minute long documentary film written and presented by John Pilger which was directed by Alan Lowery and broadcast within the year 2001. The global economy and thinking globally are a part of a lingo that assumes individuals from all parts are of one massive global village, where national borders and national individualities now not matter.

The documentary film turns the spotlight on the new rulers of the planet the great multinationals. The governments and establishments, that back them like the IMF, the World Bank and also the World Trade Organization. The West, has increased its stranglehold on poor countries by using the might of these powerful financial institutions to manage their economies. A little cluster of powerful people is currently richer than most of the population of Africa, simply two hundred big companies dominate a quarter of the world’s economic activity. General Motors are currently larger than Denmark. Ford is greater than South Africa.

The New Rulers of the World examines the true effects of globalization. Indonesia is a country, described by the World Bank as a model pupil, till its globalized economy collapsed in 1998, where high street brands like Nike, Adidas, Gap and Reebok are mass created by low cost labor in sweatshops and sold for up to 250 times the quantity received by staff. The staff is paid the equivalent of 72p each day. Western politicians and businessmen sponsored the dictator, General Suharto, who viciously seized power within the mid of the Nineteen Sixties. The great sweatshops, banks and luxury hotels in Indonesia were designed on the mass murder of as several million individuals.

Wealthy men such as Bill Gates, have a wealth bigger than all of Africa. Golfer Tiger Woods was paid more to push Nike than the complete workforce making the company’s product in Indonesia received. Globalization creates debts, and debts make misery, make unemployment, and create the crisis. If the intensity of establishment propaganda is channelize, at times bordering on institutional panic, then the new movement is so soon succeeding.

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