BBC Horizon: The Nine Months That Made You (2011)

The Nine Months That Made You - BBC Horizon Documentary

The Nine Months That Made You - This BBC Horizon documentary film starts with the introduction of Professor David Barker who was the founder of the theory “The Nine Months that made you is actually what your mother ate.” The theory explains that the birth weight of a human is preface to individual’s future physical and mental health. It elaborates that the first nine months is the original program of your whole life span. Those born with the right birth weight are pretty resistant to ecological influences.

Professor David Barker supports his theory by showing the link between birth weight and life time risk of coronary artery disease by referring data from Hertfordshire birth record. With the help of Dr. Rajan Yagnik’s research, he explains that low birth weight is the reason of type 2 Diabetes mellitus.

He explains that a mother’s deprived diet throughout pregnancy leads to underweight infants who rise up to have a thin-fat phenotype. Regardless of being lean they have an elevated amount of fat in their body as compared to a person with good birth weight. This elevated level of fat in their body ultimately leads them to coronary heart disease and type 2 Diabetes mellitus.

The other facts to support the theory come from Netherlands by Dr. Tessa Roseboom. During the Second World War, food was of poor quality and calorie count was limited to only 400 calories per individual, including pregnant women. This evokes diseases like coronary heart disease, diabetes mellitus type 2, breast cancer and even schizophrenia. Dr. Tessa Roseboom experimental study is a good work on the effect of long term famine on generations along with slight discussions on the genetic factors influencing health.

The Nine Months That Made You - This BBC Horizon documentary film also discusses a very interesting issue i.e. whether the personality of a child can be determined before birth or not. It is established that experimental studies are in an early phase, and are thus inconclusive. Final section of this BBC Horizon documentary film includes Indian Prof. Caroline’s dietary intervention program for pregnant woman of Asia.

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