Biography: The Prophet Muhammad – History Channel (2002)

The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) - History Channel Documentary Film

Biography: The Prophet Muhammad: This documentary film was released by the History Channel as part of their series of biographical documentaries on imminent people from major religions of the world. As the name undoubtedly implies, this History Channel documentary film is based on the Prophet of Islam. This History Channel documentary film is written, directed and produced by David De Vries and provides contributions from learned Muslims as well as non-Muslim scholars about Islam. It is established in the very beginning that Islam is the most misrepresented religion in the world, and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is probably the most misunderstood religious man.

The History Channel documentary film starts with an explanation of what makes Islam different from other monotheistic religions, while the Christians consider Jesus to be the son of God and worship him, Muslims do not worship the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Indeed, all Muslims consider the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) to be a normal human being; a common man just like anybody else. But he was chosen by God to carry out the divine message and deliver it to his people.

We see the tribal conditions that prevailed in pre-Islamic Arabia, today that era is considered the “Jahilia” or “Era of Darkness”. This was a time when Arabs worshipped idols and women were not considered equal to men. They were not allowed the right of inheritance or of property. History remembers Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) to be a kind, selfless, honest, and loving person during this era. His kindness and truthfulness was legendary throughout medieval Arabia.

It was during this time when the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) used to pray in seclusion in a cave that he got the first divine revelation from God. It was conveyed unto him by the angel Gabriel. Then followed a series of revelations that gave new guidelines into living a better life, while also calling the people towards worshipping the one true God, Allah.

The teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), as well as verses from the Qur’an bear a striking contrast from the image that the West has made of them. The media portrays Islam as a religion of violence and hatred. Nothing could be further from the truth, and this History Channel documentary film goes on to reveal the real face of Islam.

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