The Real Chariots of Fire – ITV (2012)

The Real Chariots of Fire - ITV Documentary Film

The Real Chariots of Fire is a ITV documentary film that sheds new light on the 80’s blockbuster film titled Chariots of fire that relates the epic tale of two British boys, who triumphed against all odds in the 1924 Olympics. The documentary film is hosted by Nigel Havers, who played the role of Lord Andrew Lindsay in the movie, uses slightly exaggerated but engaging narration to sieve out facts from fiction. Homage to one of the best movies in the sporting genre, the film tells the factual events that followed up the lives of legendary runners, Harold Abrahams and Eric Liddell.

The ITV documentary showcases original footage featuring the training sessions of Harold Abrahams and Eric Liddell prior to the Olympic running tournament. They both had their share of hardships before entering the race; such as, Harold’s constant battle with anti-Semitism and Eric Liddell’s deep religious values. The documentary film is a tremendous journey across time and also entails some amazing moments, including the grainy footage of the race that ultimately got Harold Abrahams the gold medal. It further feature interviews from the cast and directors associated with the film, who further give insight into the research they did prior to filming. This ITV documentary film is sure to leave the audience in utter awe of these people; whose lives have been reenacted on the silver screen.

Released just a few days before the London Olympics 2012, it will definitely make the crowd go wild and make them want to see the action live, where sporting legends are made. Though, many would call this ITV documentary film a stunt for publicity in order to sell a few more tickets to the digitally re-mastered version of the movie that is all set to hit the theatres. Whatever the reason may be; it still gives an exciting and interesting insight into one of the greatest legends in the English history and is definitely worth a shot. For all those who loved the movie, would love this too and anyone who needs to learn a thing or two about perseverance, then this documentary film is a must-watch for them.

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