BBC Imagine: The Story of the Guitar (2008)

Part 1 & 2

Part 3. This Time it’s Personal

The Story of the Guitar - BBC Imagine Documentary

The Story of the Guitar - This BBC Imagine documentary film provides a brief overview of the history of the Guitar and how it became a vital part of instrument-based music. The BBC Imagine documentary film is extremely well done and will equip wanna-be Guitar geeks with all the knowledge that they absolutely must know about this fabulous instrument. It features interviews from some of the big names in the guitar industry and also features the Wayne Henderson Workshop that sheds light on how the instrument is assembled and what tools are used. From Fender to Gibson guitars, the BBC Imagine documentary film covers almost every aspect of Guitars and discusses beautifully.

The Story of the Guitar - The BBC Imagine documentary film is well-made and encompasses all information, explaining it in great detail. The interview with Wayne Henderson stole the show, as he described the exact structure of the guitar and described it as taking a wood and a knife and then getting rid of bits that does not look like a “Geetar”. Derivations of this instrument have existed throughout history and several archaeological artifacts attest to that. Therefore, it is not some kind of novel invention that has revolutionized the face of music, but over time, the sound produced by this instrument has gone through several reforms.

The regular acoustic guitar worked on the principle of echo in the hollow body of the guitar that was created by strumming the strings, when they were held tight at various intervals, called Frets, provided on the neck of the guitar. The same instrument has now been combined with electronic amplifiers that produce an even different sound. The amplified sound has now become essential to almost every music genre, but is definitely predominant in the pop and rock music scene. The guitar is definitely a great instrument and many have mastered the art of playing it, and have excelled at it. The BBC Imagine documentary is divided into three parts and is a definite must-watch for everyone.

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