The Union: The Business Behind Getting High (2007)

The Union: The Business Behind Getting High Documentary

The Union: The Business Behind Getting High - This documentary film by Brett Harvey covers useful and interesting information about the history and use of Marijuana and the paradoxical concept that people in the western society have about the Marijuana plant. The reference to Union in the title of the documentary film is to identify affiliated groups and individuals that are responsible for running the illegal industry of approximately about 7 billion dollars in the British Columbia.

This documentary film covers the facts that although Marijuana is not harmful, in fact it has some therapeutic, medical and viable benefits. However, the fact that this positive side of the marijuana is not brought to the forefront because if the health benefits of this naturally growing plant become public, the drugs which these companies make and sell will no longer be bought by the people and would cost them a huge financial loss.

This documentary film also talks about declaring marijuana as illegal since it was used by the government to arrest people. The basic purpose of this documentary film is to bring into light the powerful beneficial properties of marijuana and the fact that it can be made legal provided the lawmakers show some significant tolerance and open mindedness to its benefits rather than risks. The notion that the use marijuana has no significant life threats is confirmed by doctors, chemists, scholars, various politicians, law enforcers, and scientific studies and research. However, the status remains the same because if it is made legal, it will cause huge financial loss to the drug industry.

The Union: The Business Behind Getting High - This documentary film is interesting to watch and the information provided just surprises and amazes you as to how such a useful drug is considered illegal just for the sake of providing benefits to the powerful corporate industry.

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