Thoroughly Modern: The Bicycle – BBC (2007)

Thoroughly Modern - The Bicycle - BBC Documentary Film

Thoroughly Modern: The Bicycle is a quaint BBC documentary film. By looking at the early bicycles that led up to the modern bicycle revolutionized by late Victorian and Edwardian society; most of the first models such as the ‘Penny Farthing’ were very unmanageable to ride and potentially hazardous to the rider. The eccentric experts demonstrate how it was done and stage some very outmoded bike rides for our welfare.

This BBC documentary film demonstrates the viewers about the bicycle history as recognition of German inventor Baron Karl Drais Von Sauerbronn with the design of the early bicycle in the early 1800s. Their innovation was called the Laufmaschine, which was made of wood and could only be incited by the rider by pushing his or her feet against the ground. The first really popular and commercially successful bicycle named as velocipedes design was invented by a French blacksmith, Ernest Michaux in 1863. A simpler and more refined solution, it has a part of rotary cranks and pedals mounted to the forepart of wheel hub. In 1868, the first company was successful in manufacturing velocipedes with pedals.

The BBC documentary film explains more about the hazards of the Penny Farthing that is also known as the high or ordinary bicycle. It was invented in 1871 by British engineer, James Starley. This bicycle came after the development of the French “Velocipede”, and other versions of early bikes. However, the Penny Farthing was the only efficient bicycle consisting of a small back wheel and large front wheel swiveling on a simple tubular frame with tires of rubber.

Thoroughly Modern: The Bicycle - By this BBC documentary, the viewer can observe how the bicycle continued to undergo development, which results of the act of inventing the high bicycle by Eugene Meyer. These bicycles were being imported into the New World by way of Boston, from 1877. By the start of the 1900s, it became the chief form of transportation for both men and women.

The bicycle has acquired into several different forms to please the riding preferences of bikers. Including the recumbent bike, mountain bike, hybrid bikes, and BMX bikes, more than 57 million people ages 16 and over, are enjoying riding bicycles every year.

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