Ticks: The Real Vampires (2000)

Ticks: The Real Vampires Documentary Film

This 1 hour documentary film contains the information about the real vampires on the earth, known as Ticks. Its talks about the life cycle of these vampires and the disease which is carried by them are really complex and more dangerous. Ticks lives for four years and need only three meals in this time, they can reduce their metabolism into the absolute minimum and are extraordinarily frugal.

The documentary film says the ticks lives in oak trees and there most important sense organ is situated on their front legs, when they feel warmth or sense carbon dioxide, they take the offensive. Regardless of it is a sleeping deer or children playing ticks attacks their victims from all the angles. Their heads looks like apparatus for piercing and cutting, the body parts on the either sides of proboscis which protect their tool. Then they scratches the skin open and the proboscis which is shaped like a bar hooked slides little by little into the opening. The tick’s saliva contains the secretion that produces aching in the early phases of the bite and if nobody stops it the feeding will last at least a week. The deadly disease which is transferred by the ticks is Lyme disease.

The film talks about the life cycle of these vampires as they born six legged larva, in this first stage of life they are not larger than one millimeter of size which is almost impossible to see with a naked eye. In this stage, they begin to hunt immediately and mice are their most important prey. Then their second stage is nymphs, it has eight legs now but stills its extremely small and they begin to hunt for the larger hosts such as a deer or may be a human being. The last stage is the adult tick.

Doctors have recently discovered the level of risks by these vampires, as they carry germs which cause ten diseases.

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