Tour of the Universe (1993)

Tour of the Universe Documentary Film

Tour of the Universe is a 46-minutes documentary film that takes the audience on an epic journey around our solar system, unraveling some of the most fascinating mysteries about it. The documentary film was made in the early 90’s and gives a detail account of how vast our galaxy is. Taking the audience from planets to stars, it covers every single aspect and further elaborates on how the data was gathered. The data about stars is gathered using radio telescopes that work by detecting the radio noise from celestial bodies and objects. There are other satellites that detect X-rays and the explosions that are formed on the surface of the sun.

Scientists have also launched satellites such as the Hubble telescope that further provide clearer image of the stars and the outer space. The fascination with stars and skies is perhaps as old as humanity and the documentary film further delves into the history of stargazing. The documentary film cites the Stonehenge as one of the oldest observatories; built by Britons, the structure was constructed according to the yearly motions of the sun around the sky. The documentary film further highlights the significance of various celestial objects, such as the moon and the myths associated with them that exalted these object to the status of deities.

It describes on how man’s outlook and knowledge about the outer space have developed. The documentary film is ideal for any age group and consists of a fast-paced narration that is unhindered by extensive interviews that may often incite boredom among its audience. Most of the footage is original and heavily relies on graphic representations to describe the structures, and the equipments used to study the skies. The documentary film has only one downside that the information it contains is somewhat outdated, but will provide an interesting insight into the stark differences between the past and present state of knowledge regarding the outer space. It is very educational, and a must-watch for space enthusiasts.

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