Volvo Ocean Race (2011-2012)

Volvo Ocean Race (2011-2012) Documentary Film

Surrounded by an avalanche of spectators, the City of Sails, Auckland was in the saddle to burn the Southern Ocean, to burst off the Cape Horn and enter the Atlantic Ocean with its cent power and strength. It was the time of official Volvo Race which had to cover 6700 miles in the ocean up to Brazil. But it was the time when sailers faced one of the terrible experiences when the water hit them with its full strength. The documentary film starts with the brouhaha of the wildest competition among the teams who were ready to face the changing climate conditions of water, the consistently transforming water surfaces i.e. from smooth to harsh and from harsh to harshest and the mechanical malfunctions of the boats.

Including the enchanting spectacular sights of hundreds of tiny boats sailing in the ocean, it also includes the breathtaking watch of the devastation that the powers of water can cause. Tiny boats carrying tens of lives were shrouded with water from all sides, except the top. And it was the only surface which, if covered, would have engulfed all the lives in water. And it tried to! But it was failed by the heavenly team work of the sailers. The documentary film further explains the collective functioning in all the hazardous events with CGIs and graphical illustrations. It also depicts the terror of getting stuck in the middle of the ocean when its water starts piercing the boat’s surfaces and enters hitherto to swallow the lives. The documentary film ends with life-giving moments of victory in the first leg of Volvo Ocean Race and the tragic end of the leg 5.

It includes real footages from the race and brief comment-like-interviews from the sailers including the zestful Richard Mason from team Sanya, Ian Walker from Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing and Simon Fisher from Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing. The terrible watch of the sailers handling the mechanical malfunctioning of the boats where shrinks the hearts of viewers, at the same time it reinforces the belief in human strength with which he has stood and competed confidently in front of the mother nature many times in the history, and in the Volvo Ocean Race too. This documentary film is definitely not for the hydrophobic patients. It requires a strong heart to watch every second of it!

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