We Have Ways of Making You Talk – BBC (2005)

We Have Ways of Making You Talk - BBC Documentary

We Have Ways of Making You Talk - This BBC documentary film focuses on the use of torture which is prevalent since ages and talks about the impact and effect of torture on the mental and psychological well being of human beings. Directed by Kate Townsend, this BBC documentary film features how torture has been used in different ways in military, social and political settings thereby elucidating its horrendous and terrible outcomes and effects.

This BBC documentary film covers interviews with people who have been practicing torture techniques on other human beings and asks them about the horrible interrogation methods and various techniques acquired and carried out by the French Army officers against Algerian freedom fighters, by British politics on the IRA, and by the American officers against Viet Cong. The BBC documentary film also throws light upon the gruesome torture methods being implemented in South America and South Africa for many years and the execution of physical, mental, and psychological torture abuses in Iraq and Guantanamo Bay.

We Have Ways of Making You Talk - The BBC documentary film is quite disturbing in the sense that it explores and reveals the horrible interrogation techniques and how the modern torture techniques have been really devastating in terms of their enduring psychological impacts on humans all across the world wherever these torture methods are being inflicted and used. The interview with the state interrogators further reveals to us the gruesome and non-human acts of torture that are extremely hard to believe in terms of their being actually implemented on human beings like us.

Some of the torture techniques have now become a sort of a ritual practice wherever war on terror is being going on around the world. The torture techniques and inhuman ways of inflicting mental, physical and psychological pain by the use of methods such as water-boarding, use of dogs, humiliation, dishonor, sexual disregard and abuse are also used even today. It is about time that this inhuman ways of torture should either be banned or restricted to doing as much as less psychological, mental and physical damage as possible.

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