BBC Horizon: Why Are Thin People Not Fat? (2009)

Why Are Thin People Not Fat? - BBC Horizon Documentary Film

Documentaries on how people get fat and lose weight have been on the rise as more and more experiments and researches emerge. This particular one had a certain twist to it. It is about why skinny people don’t gain weight like the rest of their overweight counterparts.

Why Are Thin People Not Fat? - Loosely based on the infamous Vermont Prison Experiment, this BBC Horizon documentary film showed a four week long experiment run by the University of Westminster on a group of 10 individuals who are told to increase their food consumption by up to triple the amount, around 5000 calories per day so as to conclude if they gain weight or not. These people fed themselves on all sorts of junk food, fry-ups, sweets and other fatty food to put their bodies to the test.

The researchers of the Vermont Prison Experiment concluded that although people gain weight after increasing their food portions and changing eating habits, there are some lucky individuals who just simply don’t gain any weight, and so this experiment was done to prove or debunk this research. Scientists, geneticists, doctors and other researchers were interviewed and many had different theories as to why some people put on fat and some don’t.

But the main point that everybody agreed upon was that the size of an individual’s appetite is based on his or her genes and how their brain responds to food. Eating behavior starts from an early age, so whatever one’s eating pattern is as a toddler, it is most likely to stay as an adult. At the end of the experiment it really was proved that genes and the environment predetermine the amount of fat in one’s body.

Even thought all of the people gained an average of five to eight kilos, they shed all the weight back after a month after the experiment by reverting to their regular eating lifestyle and that too without exercising or dieting. But that is not to say that overweight people should give up and not to try to lose weight.

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