BBC Horizon: Why Do We Dream? (2009)

Why Do We Dream - BBC Horizon Documentary Film

Why Do We Dream? - This 50 minutes long BBC Horizon documentary film was first released in 2009 and is narrated by Steven Mackintosh. The BBC Horizon documentary film is produced and directed by Charles Colville. This documentary film answers many of the old mysteries about sleep and the human subconsciousness.

Why Do We Dream? - The BBC Horizon documentary film tells us a very detailed account of what sleep is and the types that are normally associated with it. We are told that there are two kinds of sleep; REM and non-REM. REM stands for Rapid Eye Movement, and this is the kind of sleep in which intense and really vivid dreams are generated. REM accounts for about one third of the entire sleep duration, during REM the brain’s amygdale is a lot more active and the eyes are rapidly moving inside the sockets. Usually nightmares and other highly depressive dreams come during this time which usually starts early in the morning.

Non-REM dreams are not so vivid, and usually do not have such strong repercussions on a person’s psychology. It has been shown that dreams highly influence the events of everyday life, experiments showed that a person who predominantly had bad dreams about women eventually ended up getting divorced. Dreams are also reconstructions of living moments, and they help you in coping with the situation better after you’ve dreamt it (as in the case of video games, the brain reconstructs it in your dream and the next time you play it, you’ll obviously be better).

Dreams are in many ways beneficial for us, since many modern inventions and even classic art was created as a result of dreaming. Scientists and artists obsessed about something and eventually they figured out a way to do it right. This is a very interesting documentary film from BBC Horizon and will definitely be appreciated by children and adults alike.

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