Why You Do This (2010)

Why You Do This Documentary Film

Released in 2010, this is a semi-biographical documentary film about the struggles and trouble that new music bands experience during their first few years of coming into the business. The producer and director of this is Michael Dafferner, a former satellite engineer who gave up his position to start touring with a new music band. Michael Dafferner has long had a passion for music and it is this passion that drives him to start a new beginning in his life.

The documentary film begins in 2007, when Michael Dafferner has recently put together a music band called “Car Bomb” and is about to embark on his first ever performance tour with his band. He is also the lead vocalist in the band and seems full of promise as they begin their journey together. But immediately it seems, luck isn’t on their side and their tour turns out to be a very disappointing one.

Why You Do This shows us the many difficulties that relatively new and unheard bands have to go through to get recognition. The same happens with Car Bomb too, their lives are a constant blend of hard work and they don’t get the amount of praise or response they were hoping for.

Barely a year later have they got their first big break; moderately successful Goth-punk bands Gorgeous Frankenstein and Bella Morte agreed to collaborate with them on a tour across the U.S. The tour is a complete let down as they learned a lot about the petty monopoly that exists in all people. The group ends up by being several thousands of dollars in debt and a lot of time wasted.

In 2009, “Car Bomb” was approached by the commercially successful Gojira and The Chariot bands to go on a tour. Michael Dafferner gets a chance to see what kind of effort and cost is incurred in order to make one’s dream come true.

Why You Do This also has interviews from Lamb of God, Gojira, and Richard Christy, thus it is a good insight into the music industry.

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